Hey there! Name's Michelle. Just a 19 year old city girl living in a fandom-filled world. As of recently, you'll see a lot of random things on here but my main fandom is Red vs Blue and Rooster Teeth. Also, games... sometimes.

Master Chief: Let’s find a ride and get to the captain.

Cortana: No, that’ll take too long.

Master Chief: You got a better idea?

Cortana: There’s a teleportation grid that runs throughout Halo, that’s how the monitor moves about so quickly. I learned how to tap into the grid when I was in the control center. Unfortunately, each jump requires a rather… consequential expenditure of energy.

Master Chief: Something tells me I’m not gonna like this.

Cortana: But I’m pretty sure I can hold it from your suit without permanently damaging your shields. Needless to say, I think we should only try this once.

Master Chief: Do it.

Cortana: Ohhhh, I see… the coordinate data needs to b-